UHCO in the Multiplier event "CLIMATE CHANGE – Threats to Cultural Heritage and Security"

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The Urban Heritage Climate Observatory (UHCO) GEO pilot initiative was presented on 12 May during the Multiplier Event CLIMATE CHANGE – Threats to Cultural Heritage and Security in Brussels.


The Greek GEO Office participated in the Multiplier Event CLIMATE CHANGE – Threats to Cultural Heritage and Security in Brussels on 12 May to discuss values, vulnerabilities and to explain how heritage can be a powerful tool for the sustainable development of societies.


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Dr. Evangelos Gerasopoulos, UHCO co- leader​, Director of the Greek GEO Office​, Co-chair of GEO Programme Board​, and Director of the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (ΙERSD),​ presented UHCO and participated in the discussions.

After highlighting the importance of Earth Observations to cultural heritage protection under climate change threats, he briefly presented UHCO and its main upcoming key activities. Then, he elaborated on the recently conducted survey regarding the selection of potential pilot cities that will contribute towards the documentation needed to create the global platform that UHCO envisions to spot good practices, existing national/local strategies and, where relevant, the existing level of EO exploitation, around the globe. Last but not least, he referred to UHCO’s vision and future goals.

During the discussion Dr. Gerasopoulos explained the opportunities derived from Earth Observtion products, tools, and services to assist in the Impacts and vulnerability assessment of cultural heritage under the threat of climate change.