GEO Week 2023


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This year's GEO Week (6-10 November) in Cape Town, South Africa, which also hosted the Ministerial Summit on Earth Observation, was successfully concluded in early November.


This year's GEO Week (6-10 November) in Cape Town, South Africa, which also hosted the Ministerial Summit on Earth Observation, was successfully concluded in early November. More photos from the conference can be found here. Stay tuned to GEO website as more material from GEO Week 2023 will be added. You can also read a summary of the conference outcomes here.

 The 19th GEO conference marked a turning point as members of the community adopted the post-2025 strategy entitled "Earth intelligence for all".  The strategy not only supports GEO's continued leadership in coordinating and facilitating the provision and use of Earth observation, but it also introduces ways to develop products and services jointly with and for users. In the context, during this year's GEO Week and for the first time, the young generation was also involved interactively in the discussions, emphasizing their integral role in the economy and development, thus shaping their own "Youth Declaration".

The last day of GEO Week 2023 was dedicated to the Ministerial Summit during which ministers and other government representatives from around the world reaffirmed GEO's commitment to open and free access and sharing of data and encouraged governments to increase free access to geospatial observation using public resources. On the same day, the Ministerial Declaration was adopted that, among other things, reaffirming GEO's commitment to support international multilateral environmental agreements and establishing the development of an implementation plan to guide progress in implementing the post-2025 strategy and mobilizing resources.

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 The Greek GEO community was present and particularly active in GEO Week 2023 and the role of the Greek GEO Office (GGO) was also instrumental in developing and highlighting national positions and research achievements, as well as in shaping the overall GEO strategy for the next decade.

Specifically, GGO first gave a strong presence, with its Director Dr. Evangelos Gerasopoulos intervening after the presentations of the new GEO initiatives "Heat and Health" and "Ecosystem Atlas" and stressing the importance of supporting the new proposed "global warming resilience service", with emphasis on cities, where Greece has taken the lead in recent years in highlighting them as one of GEO's priorities. He also participated in a panel discussion on the role of National Geo-Observation Coordination Mechanisms, a new priority to accelerate and maximise the positive impact of the use of Geo-observation by states, cities and citizens. In this session, the Greek model of GGO operation was presented in its effort for national coordination and international contribution to the developments, which was included in the corresponding official document together with countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Japan and South Africa.

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Monday, 6 November 

Flash talks

Urban-scale indicators based on Earth Observation and in-situ data to support climate adaptation policy objectives at urban scale

Nefta Votsi (NOA/GGO), Session Lead

Workshops and Technical Meetings

The City Talks – HARMONIA solutions & potential synergies in urban domain among GEO Community

Betty Charalampopoulou (Geosystems Hellas SA), Speaker

Nektarios Chrysoulakis (Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas - FORTH), Speaker

Ioannis Kavouras, (ICCS, HARMONIA IRAP), Speaker

Joint GEO Working Groups Workshop

Evangelos Gerasopoulos (NOA/GGO), «Resilient Cities and Human Settlements - RCHS» WG representative

Tuesday, 7 November

Showcase Events

Enhancing public and private sector partnerships for delivering transformative services for Climate Adaptation and Food Security

Betty Charalampopoulou (Geosystems Hellas, EARSC Director), Speaker

Leveraging big Earth data and exploring non-satellite data to enhance assessment on climate induced losses and damages

Orestis Speyer (NOA/GGO), Session Lead, Speaker

National and EU initiatives’ contribution for addressing human and environmental Health and Disaster Crisis

Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Eleni Athanasopoulou (NOA/GGO), Speakers

Haris Kontoes, Alexia Tsouni (NOA/BEYOND), Speakers

Wednesday, 8 November

EU Booth

Enhancing African Agriculture through Earth Observation: Insights from AfriCultuReS, ANIN, and Afri4Cast Projects

Stelios Kotsopoulos (Agroapps PC) Session Leader

Thursday, 9 November


Bridging the Gap: GEO's Coordinated Approach to National and Global Engagements

Evangelos Gerasopoulos (NOA/GGO), speaker and panelist