Fighting deadly air pollution in cities with sensors and satellites

   E ShapeAirpolution

In a recent interview by “Horizon Magazine for Environment”, APCG members had the chance to present the outcomes of the e-shape Pilot S2P3 on the combination of Earth Observation, socio-economic and health data to address urban health issues related to air pollution.



As Dr. Gerasopoulos said “When we combine Earth observation data with socio-economic data, including health data, we come so much closer to the real problems, or the real reasons for the problems”.
The air-quality pilot’s Teaser platform gives users – municipalities, companies and individuals a taste of what is possible by combining Earth observation, health and socio-economic data from 2018 to 2020. For dozens of cities around the world, the cloud-based platform offers an aggregated risk index – used to assess the impact of air quality on health.

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