EuroGEO 2023

    EGW 20232


The EuroGEO 2023 Workshop was concluded last week between 2-4 October, with great success, in Bolzano, Italy.

 EGW 2023 Omadiki

This year’s EuroGEO workshop provided the opportunity to position European activities in the light of the new GEO strategy and to support the coordination and interlinking of actions at national and European level and across sectors and domains in order to create relevant and impactful contributions to GEO.

The EuroGEO 2023 Workshop was combined with the Open-Earth-Monitor (OEMC) Global Workshop 2023, and has also served for the European EO community to prepare and pave the ground for the Geo Week 2023 ministerial summit in Cape Town, South Africa, during 6-10 November.

The Greek EO community was present and active in Bolzano and decisive has also been the role of the Greek GEO Office on the advancement of the European positions.

In particular, the main Greek presence in the workshop programme is outlined below (more Greeks were there and we were all happy to meet!):

  EGW 2023 Vag.2 

Monday, Oct 2:

Opening session – national GEO activities

Evangelos Gerasopoulos (NOA/GGO), co-chair and panelist

Action Groups

Stelios Kotsopoulos (AgroApps P.C.), Agriculture Action Group meeting chair

Haris Kontoes (NOA/BEYOND), Disasters and Health Action Groups meeting chair

Official dinner

All there J


Tuesday, Oct 3:

Action Groups

Nektarios Chrysoulakis (FORTH), Iphigenia Keramitsoglou, Evangelos Gerasopoulos (NOA), Urban Action Group meeting co-chairs


Stelios Kotsopoulos (AgroApps P.C.), “Agriculture” session chair

Haris Kontoes (NOA/BEYOND), “Climate-induced disasters and health challenges” session chair

Orestis Speyer (NOA), “Building the Green Deal Data Space in a way that contributes to GEO” session speaker

Lefteris Mamais (Evenflow), “From innovatin to market” session panelist


Wednesday, Oct 4:

Round tables

Haris Kontoes, Alexia Tsouni (NOA/BEYOND), round tables moderators

Closing session – Optimizing EuroGEO’s positioning and contribution to GEO

Evangelos Gerasopoulos (NOA/GGO), speaker and panelist