EuroGEO 2021

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EuroGEO 2021 Annual European Conference «Environmental Observation-based solutions to support the EU Green Deal»


As every year, the European Commission organizes the EuroGEO annual workshop, which, for this year remotely, will take place next week (20-23 September), bringing together European players interested in and actively contributing to the Global Earth Observations System of Systems - GEOSS.

This edition will focus on how the European Green Deal can be supported and served by information, tools and products based on Earth Observations, while it will also indicate and discus about the role and the participation of the European EO community to the development and implementation of GEO’s Work Programme.

The aim of EuroGEO 2021 is to:

  • look for synergies across projects and initiatives;
  • offer networking opportunities to the participants; and,

The Greek GEO Office –(GGO), which has played a catalytic role in promoting Urban Resilience as the  4th Engagement Priority of GEO (Resilient Cities and Human Settlements), and is set for final approval in the forthcoming GEO Plenary in November, is actively involved with an invited talk by Dr. Evangelos Gerasopoulos (Thursday, 23 September). The talk focuses on the next day of EuroGEO’s actions to support the needs of cities and citizens through Earth observations and whether and how Europe can play a leading role in this new priority, taking also into account the requirements arising from the New Urban Agenda.

We would like to invite you to take a look at the full program of the workshop which hosts distinguished speakers from the European Union, GEO, the European Space Agency and other important bodies. For the program and the registration link you can visit the relevant page of the European Commission here.